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Projections show 85% increase in chronic homelessness over next 4 years.
Violent crime has skyrocketed with more than 300+ homicides in the past year.
Los Angeles, California's cost of living is 43% higher than the national average.
68,000 children experience homelessness in Los Angeles County annually

Los Angeles County has over $3.6 trillion in needed infrastructure repairs

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Our Mission

Come Together

ENVISIONLA is bringing together Angelenos of all backgrounds who care about the long term future of our city and want to band together to do something about it.

Organize Ourselves

We understand that we cannot count on City Hall to do their jobs effectively.

Tackle Our Problems

ENVISIONLA believes L.A.’s challenges require real world experience, not grandiose promises. We know what it takes to succeed and how to stretch a buck to tackle our policy problems.

Time For A Change

Politicians and career bureaucrats have ruined Los Angeles. The have failed to take the steps necessary to bolster our future and strengthen the city’s middle and working class.

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